Polaris Fiberglass Entry Doors


1 - Ultra Performance Frame

• Standard Exterior Frame & Brick Mould
• Rot Resistant composite bottom will not wick or absorb water.
• Cost Effective - fractionally more than traditional wood frames with
  Long Term Savings.
• Environmentally Conscious recycled wood composite material
  joined with plantation grown pine. No hazardous chemicals.
  Excellent machinability, sanding and paint adhesion.
  Structurally Sound - Maintenance-Free - Limited Lifetime Warranty

2 - Composite Lock Block

• 4″ x 10″ composite lock block has more screw-holding power than
  wood. It is injection-molded for uniform size. The door remains flat
  and strong beneath hardware.
• Elongated lock block holes accomodate 2 ⅜″ or 2 ¾″ hardware
  back set.
• Foam fill within door slab insulates completely around hardware area
  with composite lock block. There is no cold spot where you grasp the
  door the most.

3 - Steel Reinforcing Strike Plate

• Attaches behind strike jamb for additional security.

Endure Series Frame System

Full Length Waterproof
Composite Top
& Bottom Rails & Stiles
Our Fiberglass Doors utilize a Non-Porous Composite Edge instead of a typical wood edge. Proven to never rot, rust or warp.

This additional protection on all sides blocks water infiltration and helps prevent build up of mold or mildew.

Many competitors only use composite material along bottom edge, stopping short of exposing the wood
surface allowing water infiltration into the slab.

Polaris Composite Stiles & Rails
Polaris Composite StileCompetitor All Wood Stiles are Weaker than Polaris Composite

• Resistant to dents, dings, splintering.

• Unaffected by moisture or humidity.

• Won’t rust or warp.

• Rich look, feel and texture of real wood without
  the drawbacks.

• Patented molding process imparts deep wood
  grain detail.

• Our designs feature deep panel profiles for crisp
  shadow lines and architecturally correct stile &
  rail graining and proportions.

• Creates a clean, streamlined finish and
  highlights definitions.
Polaris Reinforced Skins with Fiberglass or Smooth Textures
• 2 ½″ polyurethane foam core meets environmental guidelines and offers maximum thermal protection.

Low-E Glass
• Low-E thermally efficient glass upgrade is offered through the City Lites Collection and in Garden Patio Doors.
  Invisible metallic coating blocks heat flow and shields against damaging ultra violet rays.

• Our compression weather-strip forms a weather-tight seal. The resilient foam is impervious to moisture and maintains its shape.
  We offer high-performance weather-strip and bottom sweep upgrades to further strengthen the weather barrier of your entry.

• Weather-tight adjustable threshold - a few turns with a screw driver achieves a proper seal at the bottom of the door.


• Ultra Cladding - has no exposed fasteners, requires no
  painting, & will not dent or wave.

• Aluminum Roll Form Cladding - vinyl coating protects
  exterior door jamb from weather.
  Embossed wood grain texture.
  No need to paint or stain.
Aluminum Cladding Ultra Clad

Full Line Composite Top/Bottom Rails

Full line Composite Stiles

Reinforced Skin

Smooth Skin

Limited Lifetime Warranty

20/30 Year Glass Warranty

Adds security to entire frame and blocks water infiltration.

Helps prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Textured to create a look and feel of real wood.

Creates high definition to all elements of the doors panels.

Greater confidence in the product.

20 Decorative / 30 Clear - Best in the Industry.