Polaris Window Hardware Options

Polaris Sash Limit Lock

Sash Limit Locks secure
partial opening.

Polaris Heavy Duty Sash Lock & Keeper

Heavy Duty Sash Lock & Keeper
secure & air tight. Continuous
Over/Under Interlock not trimmed away at lock.

Polaris Double Hung Sash Tilt In with Recessed Tilt Latches

Double hung sash tilt in for easy
cleaning with Recessed Tilt
Latches. Remove glider sash
from inside for safe cleaning.

Polaris Internal Mini Blinds

Internal Mini Blinds are child
and pet safe, allergen free.

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Antique Brass Plated Lock
        antique brass
Satin Nickel Plated Lock
          satin nickel
Bright Brass Plated Lock
          bright brass
Aged Bronze Plated Lock
          aged bronze

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Polaris Patented True-Position® 3/4" Stainless Steel Balance System

Patented True-Position® 3/4" Stainless Steel
Balance System - long lasting, cradled springs roll
& unroll along sash for silent & smooth operation,
never slip. (shown without cover)

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Polaris Heavy Duty Sash Hooks & Frame Bar
Heavy duty sash hooks
& frame bar lock in up
to four places.
Polaris Heavy Duty Casement Mechanism
Heavy duty casement mechanism.

Awning & casement sash cranks fold into base for
a clean look. Sash open fully with just a few turns.
These windows are triple sealed against the
weather. Casement windows can be safely
cleaned inside the home. Hinged side of sash
slides away from frame when fully opened.