Volume of outside air passing into a building is measured in cubic feet per minute. The maximum air leakage rate allowed by FGIA is .30 cfm/ft2. The lower the air leakage rate, the better a product is at keeping air out. Our windows are proven to be virtually air tight with air infiltration ratings as low as .01. They perform up to 30 times better than competitors.

Checkpoints ~ Control Air Infiltration
Does the window feature multi weather-stripping?
Is the window custom-made to fit your home?
Meeting rails have continuous Over/Under Interlock?
Continuous Interlock
Meeting rails join with continuous over/under interlock.
Condensation and air filtration are reduced.
Many competitors notch-out lock area, sacrificing performance.
True Sloped Sill
Rain runs straight off the sloped sill away from the home - no weep holes to clog.
Poor design filters rain run-off through the window extrusion and out weep holes,
causing them to clog.

Maintenance Free Vinyl

Vinyl formulation stays smooth and color fast.
Vinyl performs as well or better than framing materials like wood or aluminum when measuring the rate of heat flow.

More Distinctive Features

Intercept® “warm-edge” glass spacer system.
Tilt-in sash locks - safe cleaning inside home.
Limit locks - secure partial opening.
Heavy duty cam sash locks - secure, air tight.
Lift rails are part of sash extrusion, not snapped on.
Clean Corners - No Gaps
Our windows have clean, welded corners, no gaps.
Reduces air and water infiltration.
Clean look from inside the home.
Many competitors have compound cuts that let air and water into home, show seams and gaps.

Separate Extrusion Design for Window Head

Polaris window has twice as much sash and frame overlap when the window is closed.
Prevents air infiltration.
Cleaner look from inside the home.
Screen Frame
Each window includes screen with an extruded frame, not roll formed.
Extruded frames are 7X stronger than roll formed.
Screen spline installed inside for protection against damaging UV rays.
Their exterior spline degrades w/ UV exposure.

Glazing Bead

Seals & secures glass into sash.

Ours has a thick double wall.

Competitor has a thin single wall.


True Position Balance System
Smoother and quieter than other balance systems. Doesn't require tensioning adjustments.

Block & Tackle
When cords fray, balance must be replaced.