Recognized as Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR®
  • Windows must be ENERGY STAR qualified consistent with applicable ENERGY STAR Partner Commitments and the requirements set forth in the latest version of the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements Eligibility Criteria for Windows Version 5.0. Product performance (U-factor and SHGC) must be certified by an EPA-recognized certification body.

  • Products must be independently certified to meet the North American Fenestration Standard/Specification (NAFS) with a Performance Grade = 15. Acceptable certification bodies shall be accredited to operate in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 65, by an accrediting body that is a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Agreement that operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011. NAFS certification does not require an EPA-recognized certification body.

  • Products must meet the applicable requirements shown in the table below:
    Note: SHGC = Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.
    Foam Fill Option

  • Keep Some Green in your pocket! Buy energy efficient windows insulated with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ Foam.

  • Not all vinyl-framed windows are created equal. Some are insulated; some are not. Your energy dollars could be leaking out of your window frames if they are not filled with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ polyurethane foam - the same type of foam that insulates your refrigerator and thermos.

  • Our frames insulated with ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ foam give you:
  • Increased Energy Savings
  • Lowers U-Value, increases thermal performance

  • Maximize your window energy efficiency. Insist on ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN™ polyurethane foam-filled window frames.

Glass Options Polaris windows feature Intercept® "Warm-Edge" technology that reduces condensation problems around the window perimeter. Compare the Intercept insulating glass window with a conventional insulating glass window.

Sealant Effectiveness & Gas Retention
The sealant provides the moisture vapor barrier for the I.G. unit. The longer the transmission path, the slower the rate that moisture will travel into the unit through the seal. STAINLESS Steel is Impervious to gas transmission, improving gas retention and Maximizing the insulation value of your window over time. Intercept® Stainless offers one of the best transmission paths to maximize window performance.

1) Dual Pane Glass

2) Black DesiccantThis prevents moisture between the panes.

3) Intercept® Stainless SteelWarm-Edge Spacer.