Warm-Edge Insulated Glass Reduces Condensation
Our windows feature Intercept® "Warm-Edge" technology, proven to reduce condensation problems around window's perimeter. Compare the Intercept insulating glass window with a conventional window and you'll see the difference
Less condensation means:
• Less stains or damage to windows and walls.
• Higher allowable relative humidity in doors / less annoying static electricity.
• Better clarity of view.

Sealant Effectiveness & Gas Retention
The sealant provides the moisture vapor barrier for the I.G. unit. The longer the transmission path, the slower the rate that moisture will travel into the unit through the seal. STAINLESS Steel is impervious to gas transmission, improving gas retention and maximizing the insulation value of your window over time. Intercept® Stainless offers one of the best transmission paths to maximize window performance.
1) Dual Pane Glass

2) Black DesiccantThis prevents moisture between the panes.

3) Intercept® Stainless SteelWarm-Edge Spacer.

Reduced Heat Loss
Intercept® spacers are energy efficient. They keep the edges of the window glass warmer, so your home feels more comfortable in the winter.