Polaris Entry Door Paint & Stain

Choose one color or interior/exterior colors, or order it primed to apply your own paint or stain.

Paint Options:

Bright White Entry Paint
Bright White*

Polaris White Entry Paint
Polaris White

Antique White Entry Paint
Antique White

Cream Entry Paint

Polaris Tan Entry Paint
Polaris Tan

Light Gray Entry Paint
Light Gray

Wicker Entry Paint

Clay Entry Paint

Wedgewood Blue Entry Paint
Wedgewood Blue

Tuxedo Gray Entry Paint
Tuxedo Gray

Polaris Brown Entry Paint
Polaris Brown

Cottage Red Entry Paint
Cottage Red

Burgundy Entry Paint

Wineberry Entry Paint

Bordeaux Entry Paint
Forest Green Entry Paint
Forest Green
Classic Blue Entry Paint
Classic Blue
Musket Brown Entry Paint
Musket Brown
Black Entry Paint
Terratone Entry Paint
Sandstone Entry Paint

Stain Options:

Natural Oak Entry Stain
Natural Oak

Fruitwood Entry Stain

Cherry Entry Stain

Dark Walnut Entry Stain
Dark Walnut

Colonial Oak Entry Stain
Colonial Oak

Rosewood Entry Stain

Colors shown may not be accurate to actual painted/stained surface. Please refer to actual paint/stain
samples. Stain colors shown on fiberglass. Stain on steel may vary in tone. *N/A Cladding.

Wood Interior Casing Options:

Create a classic finished appearance with Interior Wood Casing. Choose from Poplar or Oak wood.

Stained casing is available in:

• Colonial Oak
• Natural Oak
• Dark Walnut
• Cherry
• Fruitwood
• Rosewood
Interior Wood Casing Options

OSI Foam Option:
OSI Foam Program

• Low pressure, low expansion won't bow windows
• Cold temperature application
• Quick setting and closed cell formula locks out water and air
• Can be cut or trimmed in less than an hour
• Remains flexible, will not crack over time